Our star product Hair Elixir contains a potent metabolic ingredient called Stimucap®. After a long search for the perfect hair boosting element to add to our Hair Elixir, we finally found it. 

Stimucap® is a unique cosmetics ingredient which is formed by two compounds: CLA Glutothione and Sodium DNA. These two ingredients react together in a favorable way to provide optimal hair growth environment.

Hair loss occurs in 3 stages. First, hair follicles get smaller. Then, the follicles shift up into the dermal superficial layers, thus creating smaller and thinner hair shafts. That is followed by fibrosis and inflammation of the connective tissue. Our research shows that Stimucap® counteracts these processes, thus minimizing and preventing excessive hair loss.

The studies have shown that Stimucap® based products increase the hair resistance by 40% in less than 3 months.

Some of the benefits of Stimucap® are: 

  • Increased hair resistance
  • Decreased hair loss
  • Zero negative effects
  • Absence of scalp irritation 


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